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Basement Systems Goes Green

Monday, May 8th, 2017 by Jenna Brown

2 Minute Read

Basement Systems Goes "Green"

Treehouse Internet Group Grounds to Grow on

In our continuous efforts to be more environmentally aware, Rachael O'Brien, Treehouse Performance Project Manager, made the diligent decision for us to take part in Keurig's new "Grounds to Grow On" brewed K-Cup® pod recovery program. O'Brien stated, "When I heard about the program, I thought this is a perfect way to be less wasteful and do our part to contribute to a cleaner world that we can all benefit from." What makes K-Cup® packs difficult to recycle is that they are made up of multiple materials like organic, aluminum and a number of plastics, which is why so many are ending up in the trash and in landfills. In fact, according to recent figures from in reference to an article by The Atlantic Monthly, "9 billion Keurig K-Cups likely ended up in landfills last year." With the amount of K-Cups sold growing at least five times more each year, this is an on-going issue that there needs to be a solution for.

Keurig's new pod recovery program addresses the environmental impact directly and makes it simple to recycle large amounts of K-Cups® all at once. All we have to do is place the used pods in the K-Cup® pod recovery bin and then those bins, which are each equipped with pre-affixed UPS shipping labels, are picked up via UPS' Carbon Neutral Shipments. The pods are then processed separately at Keurig's partnering disposal center, g2Revolution and Convanta Energy where the 75% of the pod of coffee grounds are converted to compost while the remaining 25% of plastic and aluminum are converted to energy.

By implementing this program here at Basement Systems, we can do our part to start diminishing the number of K-Cups that get thrown in the garbage daily and ultimately decrease the amount in landfills yearly.

Keep up the "Green" Work! #ImpactCon17

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