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Mobile Usage and its Impact on Mobile Sites

Monday, November 4th, 2019 by Christian Mirowski

Mobile Usage and its Impact on Mobile Sites - Image 1

We all know how much time people spend on their phones, but how exactly are they using that time?

When a homeowner picks up their phone to search for a solution like the ones our contractors provide, it’s more than reviews and before & after pictures that affect their decision to give you a call. Many things about their mobile user experience can have a surprising effect on conversion rates and whether they stick around to find out more about your company.  At the Treehouse, we pay close attention to the little details, and then dive in to see how we can use those observations to improve your customers’ experiences and, ultimately your conversion rate. 

Watch the latest Treehouse Tech Trends interview, where Brand Journalist, Chelsea Farrington, sits down with John Siwicki, Web Production Manager, to discuss the following:

  • Since the highest percentage of customer mobile time is spent on apps, see how we used that data to improve your customers’ experience on your mobile sites.
  • Hear how important mobile site load time is to customers and how we compare to the national average.
  • John was recently invited to Google headquarters to attend various seminars and meetings. Find out which one of his data takeaways sparked a surprising area of focus in improving customer experiences.

Click here to watch.

About the author

Christian Mirowski, Marketing and Communications Coordinator Find me on LinkedIn

Christian Mirowski is a Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Treehouse. Born in Georgia and raised in Connecticut, she's a peace loving, tree hugging, nature enthusiast who loves healthy food and all things natural (but also chocolate). Her beautiful family includes her amazing husband, two dynamic teenagers, and their super smart German Shepherd, Scout. In her free time, she enjoys scrapbooking, taking walks and learning American Sign Language.

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