Our office consists of three main areas: the Treehouse, the Treefort, and Boomtown. The Treehouse is the original, with an open layout and some employees sitting at desks perched well above the main floor. Boomtown has the same two level layout, with desks fitting into an area that resembles an old western town. Finally, the Treefort looks a lot like what you would have built in your backyard.

Together, these areas form a one of a kind work space that our employees love. When you combine that with smart, talented people, a creative and encouraging environment, and an atmosphere that feels a world away from the corporate life, and it's not hard to see why we've been named one of the best places to work in Connecticut.

The Treehouse is a great environment for both professional and personal growth. You have the ability to work with so many different people - designers, programmers, web developers, PPC experts, etc. Everyone has something to bring to the table that you can learn from. Our environment is also very collaborative. You're also always encouraged to share your ideas and feedback! This is really how I'd say we've been able to create the platforms we have that work so well for our dealers and their lead generation.

Michele S.

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